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  • VoIP migration planning.
  • Small business VoIP solutions
  • Voice, video and unified communications options.
  • Telecom Expense Management and consolidated billing.
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This guy knows his stuff and gave me an education as to business internet and connectivity! We did not do business but he was concerned about our needs and gave me great advice as how to proceed.
David Webb
I highly recommend Curtis Burnside's telecom consultation skills, because his customers always come first. He is responsive, technically savvy, extremely professional, and operates with utmost integrity. Anyone working with him to improve their applications are in incredibly good hands. I work with thousands of independent consultants nationwide, and Curtis is one the the best in the business.“
Charles Lomond
Director of Agent Sales
Curt has been an excellent resource and partner in the 2 years we have worked together. He is an expert in telecom and has always been active in helping me or my customers, not only understand a solution, but provide the best solution.
Curt is also very quick to respond and is always works hard to be available regardless of timezone, vacations, or weekends. His commitment to success is evident in all aspects of his job and he would be a definite asset to any business.“
Michael C
Account Executive
  • Telecom expenses are usually a large part of the budget for any business. Discover and learn how to reduce costs, streamline equipment and provider selection, while increasing functionality based on your company’s unique needs.

From Small to Mid-size Businesses, A Solution for Every Need!

  • Enterprise Class multi-location Wide Area Networking
    MPLS Network design, provider selection, contract negotiation.
  • Hosted Business VoIP
    Make calls using desk handset, computer soft-phones, smart phones and tablets. Virtual worker and call center designs.
  • Video conferencing
    System designs that provide HD video conferencing at least cost.
  • Unified Communications
    Provide desktop presence, drag-and-drop call flow to maximize employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Telecom Expense Management
    Enterprise class tier 1 help desk, consolidated billing with automated provider renewal options.


    • High availability voice & video telecommunications options.
    • Cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost.
    • Many small business VoIP solutions, turnkey with rapid set-up and low costs.
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions – Redundant, diverse Internet Service Providers ensure a bulletproof data connection.

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Telecom Consulting

Telecom consulting and Telecom Expense Management can provide for tremendous savings in the typical small and mid-size business today. Utilizing cutting-edge technology for bill auditing and vendor selection, we can assure the lowest-cost solution for you and your business.

Voice over IP solutions, especially hosted business VoIP, and other cloud-based telecom options, are a great way to leverage the cloud for flexibility and increased customer satisfaction.

All of my telecom consulting plans include cloud disaster recovery options and allow employees to work anywhere from any device, including video conferencing and Unified Communications options.

For your business to stay on top and provide cutting-edge customer service, it’s imperative that inbound calls are answered the first time, by the right person to answer the customers question. Designing your telecom plan with that in mind is of tantamount importance in ensuring increased customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

Telecom consulting need not be expensive, many times my clients will save much more on current telecom spend, through the available bill auditing and Telecom Expense Management options, than the initial process even costs. Why don’t you give me a call today to set up your free 30 minute consultation? I look forward to talking with you!